Spring Titles from Dawn Publications and a Giveaway

Dawn Publications Spring Titles Giveaway via Juggling Act MamaDawn Publications is one of my very favorite publishing houses – the only put out a handful of books each year, but they are beautifully written and illustrated, high quality children’s books.

 They’re ideal for teachers and homeschoolers because of all the wonderful resources provided along with the books.  These are books that my kids ask to be read over and over again.

I’m excited that the new Spring titles from Dawn Publications are out, and that one lucky Juggling Act Mama fan will win a copy of each of these great new titles!

The Mouse and the Meadow; Author & Illustrator Chad Wallace

The Mouse and The MeadowSynopsis: “A young mouse quickly comes of age as he sets out to explore his meadow. There he meets many remarkable creatures. Spider has tangled intentions. Firefly really knows how to put on a show. Mother rabbit is kind. Turtle is wise. Others would have him for lunch! Fortunately, help arrives just in time.”

Ages: 4-10

Ethan’s Review: “I like the part with the snake and when the weasel scares it away!”

Olivia’s Review: “I don’t like the snake. I like the mumma bunny and the babies.”

The Juggling Act Mama’s Review:  For me, I love a book I can read and get into as much as the kids – I love the rhythm of this one.  It’s a quick read that’s fun with beautiful illustrations and lots of things to talk about on each page. Ethan’s fascination with the snake pages (icky for Mumma but the way!) led to us talking about what other foods snakes eat, and he wanted to know why the weasel didn’t also want the eat the mouse.

Since Olivia was partial to the mother bunny, we talked about how different animals sometimes help one another. That led to a discussion about sharing at school and helping one another at home – who doesn’t love a book that sparks that kind of conversation?

This book also has a fun Pop Up App which the kids had a lot of fun with!  It’s a free App that brings the book to life – you just download it, point your device at a 2-page spread in the open book.  The animals move, there is sound, and the kids can even touch the animals to make them move.  It’s pretty cool!

On Kiki’s Reef; Author Carol L. Malnor & Illustrator Trina L. Hunner

On Kiki's Reef via Dawn PiublicationsSynopsis: “A tiny baby sea turtle scrambles across the sandy beach and into the sea. Floating far out in the ocean, Kiki is becoming a gentle giant. She swims to shallower water where a rainbow of corals puts on a show. Kiki adopts the busy coral reef as her new home and discovers fish of all sizes and lots of surprises! But something keeps calling her back to the beach . . . and the circle of life continues..”

Ages: 4-10

Ethan’s Review: “I like diver.  I want to go in the ocean and see a coral reef – but I don’t want to see a shark!”

Olivia’s Review: “I like baby sea turtles!”

The Juggling Act Mama’s Review: In our house, we LOVE turtles.  Ok, maybe Mumma loves them most, but there’s just something about sea turtles I love so much.  One of the things that makes this book so great, besides Kiki, is that it’s actually got two sets of text. If I’m reading just to Olivia, I can read the quick rhyming prose on each page, but for Ethan, there’s more depth and detail in the sentences.  Olivia had a lot of fun counting the fish and naming colors also.

At the end of the book, there is a quick look at many of the other creatures in the book.  The kids had fun talking about the octopus and clown fish.

Swamp Where Gator Hides; Author Marianne Berkes & Illustrator Roberta Baird

Swamp Where Gator Hides via Dawn PublicationsSynopsis: “Under the algae that carpets the swamp, near the duck who paddles in ooze, close to the turtle who takes a snooze . . . hides a gator! Still as a log, only his watchful eyes can be seen. But when gator moves, he really moves! What happens to the duck, the turtle, the egret, the deer, and the many other critters of the swamp when gator makes his move?”

Ages: 3-8

Ethan’s Review: “I like when the alligator tries to eat the animals!”

Olivia’s Review: “It’s like Tick Tock Croc!” (My Jake and the Neverland Pirate obsessed daughter couldn’t get over that to have any other opinion.  Except that she wished Peter Pan was in it!)

The Juggling Act Mama’s Review: Ethan loves this book – I think it’s the perceived danger for the animals that the alligator might eat.  Whatever it is, he’s just fascinated by it.  Any book that captures his attention like this is a winner in my mind!


Educators & Homeschoolers: download free activities based on these books on the Dawn Publications activities page.

 *Disclosure: We received these books to review, however, all opinions are our own. This giveaway is sponsored by Dawn Publications and is in no way affiliated with any other entity unless otherwise indicated.
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  1. Heather says

    My boys and I love to read! We read for at least 30 minutes every night and the boys would love to add these books to their collection!

  2. lesley says

    i am such a book nut!!!! every time we go into a book store or a library, i always say to my husband: “i love books!” he would be disappointed if i didn’t!

  3. Dezi A says

    My boys and I love reading. We read together and individually every single day. Would love to add to our collection.

  4. Martha f says

    Would love to win for my nieces. Two of them just had babies and another has one on the way. These would make wonderful gifts for them.

  5. says

    I can see why the books from Dawn Publishing are your favorite Ang! I love the art work. After reading your reviews, I immediately put a hold on the books at the library :) Cant wait to give them a read!
    Also, coincidentally the kids at our school are doing dioramas on habitats, I can imagine that the art should spark some great ideas for them :)
    Thanks for sharing on Kidlit Bloghop this week!
    -Reshama @ Stackingbooks

  6. Michele Spry says

    I would love to win these books for my nephew! He is 3 years old and loves books… gotta help keep him focused and learning! :)

  7. says

    These books look like a lot of fun! I especially appreciate the comments about you getting into a book just as much as them and it sparking conversation- those are my favorite books of all!

  8. says

    Such a great list for Spring! We read Kiki’s reef and really liked it. Thanks for sharing your reviews and recommendation on Kid Lit Blog Hop this week!
    -Reshama @ Stackingbooks

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