DIY Ribbon Ornament

I wanted to make a few ornaments for the kid’s teachers, but didn’t want to spend a ton of time on them – you know what I mean, this is the busiest time of year!  
I was beginning to get discouraged as I wandered up and down the aisles of the craft store searching for inspiration. And then I spied some green mesh ribbon, all glittery and pretty, and thought just maybe that was the ticket!
So, today I’m sharing a very simple ornament you can make in just a few minutes and with no special tools. These are lovely to make for your own decorating, or to give as a gift.  
They’re so simple even the kids can make them! 
(Note, if you have small children, cut the ribbon for them and use shatterproof ornaments).
DIY Ribbon Ornaments
Clear Ornament
Glittery mesh ribbon (with wire in the sides)
Remove the top of the ornament and set aside.
This is a wide ribbon, so cut 3-inch pieces of the ribbon, then cut it in half lengthwise. If you can find a thinner mesh ribbon, that would be ideal, but either way will work.  Curl the ribbon into a spiral, then slip it into the ornament.  Repeat until the ornament is filled.  (The size of your ornament will depend on how much ribbon you use.)
Replace the top, and add one last piece of the mesh ribbon on the top to hang the ornament.
The mesh ribbon allows the light to still come through the ornament, and makes the glitter sparkle.


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