Kids Craft: For the Birds

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you,  my friends!  I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.  We are most grateful to be spending sometime with some of our most beloved.
Long weekends are the perfect opportunity to tackle those big projects, but here’s a great quick craft for kids I recently saw on Pinterest that you an squeeze in between your to-do list!  We made these one night after dinner, then hung the outside the next day.
Peanut Butter Toilet Paper Tube Bird Feeders
toilet paper rolls
peanut butter
bird seed

Using a butter or plastic knife, spread the peanut butter on the toilet paper roll.  Ethan was so excited that the answer to his ‘Can I use that knife?’ was Yes for a change!  I helped him to hold and turn the roll while he slathered the peanut butter on – now, I’m telling you this is a quick craft, not a neat craft!  Ethan definitely had fun licking the peanut butter off his fingers.
You’ll need to swipe off any globs and make sure the tube is evenly coated.  Next, dump some birdseed onto a plate, then roll the tube in the bird seed until coated. Ethan wanted to sprinkle it on the top – just to make sure there was enough sticking to the role.
Cut a piece of string (I used butcher’s string because that’s what we had on hand) about a foot long.  Then pull the string through the tube and tie a knot with the two ends. 
Ethan hams it up for the camera
Now to find the perfect hanging spot… At first Ethan thought we should plant some of the birdseed in the front yard, and then we could grow a tree to hang the treats onto… I had to explain that I thought that might take too long… and also birdseed doesn’t grow trees…
But what we do have is a sweet little bird house in the back yard, complete with a family of birds nesting in it.  Nearby, my forsythia bush (which badly needs to be staked) made the perfect spot to hang our treats.  From Ethan’s bedroom window, he can look down on that spot perfectly and watch the birds flitting back and forth, feeding their babies.  
Just a note for those allergic to peanuts – soy nut butter would work just fine for this, too.
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